Out Here

Out Here4
Out Here, monophonic electroacoustic sound, 2021

The setup is deceptively simple: one miniature speaker in a room. The sound is engineered to produce DPOAEs (Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions), responses generated in the inner ear when the cochlea is stimulated by an external acoustic wave.

The title of the installation refers to the usual expressions “in here” (where I stand) or “out there” (outside of me, where I’m not). As the DPOAEs emanate from the listener’s head and create this strange sensation of perceiving a sound from both inside and outside the body, the expression has become the paradoxical “out here”.

Despite the absence of any visual element, the installation offers the possibility to explore the kind of confusion happening when our senses give us conflicting information (also called multimodal perception): the sound and its spatiality seem to have little relation to the speaker’s position. This phenomenon of visual and auditory conflict creates a moment of “not-knowing”, beyond simple comprehension.