Physicality and feedback – pdf download
Sound Sculpting: Performing with Virtual Musical Instruments – postscript file download
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mapping controls to sound parameters
Strategies of mapping between gesture data and synthesis model parameters using perceptual spaces – pdf download
Instrumental Gestural Mapping Strategies as Expressivity Determinants in Computer Music – pdf download
Mapping in Algorithmic Composition and Related Practices – readable online + pdf download
Control parameters for musical instruments: a foundation for new mappings of gesture to sound – pdf download
Composing with Parameters for Synthetic Instruments – Camille Goudeseune’s webpage – dissertation downloadable
Mapping Transparency through Metaphor – pdf download
Towards a Model for Instrumental Mapping in Expert Musical Interaction – pdf download
Interpolated Mappings for Musical Instruments – pdf download
Making Motion Musical: Gesture Mapping Strategies for Interactive Computer Music – pdf download
Mapping performer parameters to synthesis engines – pdf download
Towards a choice of gestural constraints for instrumental performers – pdf download
Sensing and mapping for interactive performance – pdf download

vibrotactile feedback
Haptic Feedback in Computer Music Performance – pdf download
Typology of Tactile Sounds and their Synthesis in Gesture-Driven Computer Music Performance – pdf download
Tactile Audio Feedback – Chris Chafe page / pdf download
Muscle Memory and Haptic Display – Chris Chafe page / pdf download
Audio or Tactile Feedback: Which Modality When? – pdf download


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Supercollider – environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition
Libnifalcon – max/pd drivers for the novint falcon (thanks to Kyle Machulis)