selected works

Roughledge Mambo’s new live! (2018)
 Thérians (2017)
7 channels soundtrack – dance performance

Choreography/performance: Youness Khoukhou and Louise Vanneste
Assistant: Anja Röttgerkamp
Stage/light design: Arnaud Gerniers
Music: Cédric Dambrain
Costumes: Céline Lellouche
Production/diffusion Alma Office : Alix Sarrade, Anne-Lise Gobin et Camille Queval

 ‘Protoae’ tour (2016)
Development and tour with this original haptic interface for electronic music


Ee Duct Con v.3 (2016)
Sound installation, 5-channel electroacoustic sound, 30 min.

Photo: Music City Hall, Hôtel de Ville de Bruxelles

Gone In A Heartbeat (2015)
7 channels soundtrack – dance performance

gone magazine
Choreography: Louise Vanneste
Music: Cédric Dambrain
Stage/light design: Arnaud Gerniers – Benjamin Van Thiel
Performance: Anja Röttgerkamp, Eléonore Valère-Lachky, Eveline Van Bauwel, Louise Vanneste
Ee Duct Con v.2 (2015)
Sound installation, 3-channel electroacoustic sound, 26 min.

Photo: Cédric Dambrain – Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart – June 2015

Subjective Slave release tour (2014)
Live at LUFF, october 2014

 Live Performance at Musée d’Ixelles – Brussels (2014)

Live electronics in a solo exhibition by painter Stephan Balleux
+ Abandon Tracks LP release (Sound By Visual)

Going West (2014)
Video installation, 4 screens, 25 min.

Concept/direction: Louise Vanneste with the collaboration of Stephane Broc
Performers: Anja Röttgerkamp, Sara Sampelayo, Eveline Van Bauwel, Louise Vanneste
Paintings: Stephan Balleux
Soundtrack: Cedric Dambrain

Black Milk (2013)
6 channels soundtrack – dance performance

Choreography: Louise Vanneste
Performance: Louise Vanneste & Eveline Van Bauwel
Stage/light design: Arnaud Gerniers & Benjamin Van Thiel
Music: Cédric Dambrain & Antoine Chessex

In Memoriam F.R. v.3 (2012)
for processed trumpet an live electronics

Trumpet: Philippe Ranallo
Trumpet processing and live electronics: Cedric Dambrain

Tales Of The Bodiless (2011)
Musical Fiction Without Science

Concept, dramaturgy & text: Eszter Salamon & Bojana Cvejic
Music composed by: Cedric Dambrain, Terre Thaemlitz

Tales Of The Bodiless - book and CD
Tales of the Bodiless - Book + CD
A.E.S (2010)
live electronics

Plq (2010)
for 4 electric guitars, drums and live electronics

Guitars: Zwerm Quartet
Drums: Jeroen Stevens
Live electronics: Cédric Dambrain

Home (2010)
Soundtrack – dance performance

Choreography / performance: Louise Vanneste
Stage design: Arnaud Gerniers
Music: Cédric Dambrain

In Memoriam F.R. v.2 (2009)
for processed trumpet and live electronics
Liquid Room - Brugge 136
Live in Vienna, november 2009
Trumpet: Philippe Ranallo
Live electronics and processing: Cédric Dambrain
Pure (2004)
for cello and live electronics
Penthesilea (2006)
Music theatre

Interpretation: Françoise Berlanger
Music composed and performed by: Cédric Dambrain & Patrick Delges
Paintings: Marcel Berlanger
Stage design:Thibault Vancraenenbroeck

Grenz (2007)
for harpsichord, electronic keyboards and live electronics

Sara Picavet – harpsichord
Tomoko Honda – keyboards
Cédric Dambrain – electronics

Music featured in the choreography Sie Kommen by Louise Vanneste